Хлопушки, мойте тело!
Это гид по баням в Петербурге и Москве.
Личный опыт, оздоровительный практический совет и великая мировая архитектура.
Пишет  Анна.
С легким паром!

Message to man

Message to man

Hello, my dear friend


I go to banya all my life and love her like my own.

Everything I write about I’ve been through myself.

Haven’t touched a lot of nicked ladies, but will tell some stories about them as well.

I will not tell you the History of the Russian State, but you’ll learn the basics.

I will show the world best locations and tell you where to get washed, if you have a visa.

Also I’ll tell you what to bring with you, how to lose weight in 1 minute, how to cure a disease, cancel the hangover and purify your soul.

Here is a list of banya, so you’ll know where to spend your fortune.

About prostitutes only in person.

You can go with me!

In the weekend it’s more expensive.


The rubrics

1 / Nude people — banya reviews

2 / Healthy spirit — healthy traditions

3 / Bao Buns Tips — everyday tips, pieces of advice and anecdotes

4 / World Banya  — the great architecture of banyas, thermaes and bathes

5 / How to choose a banya — a list of banyas, selected by area, by price, by service and by heartiness.


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